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Having toured the length and breadth of the UK and Europe as a solo artist and with his band, a couple of years ago Keith released an acoustic album, "Steel Strings & Bruised Reed" to much critical acclaim. Now in 2017 Keith has followed that with a new acoustic based album called, "Two Minutes To Midnight". Blues In Britain have already stated, "Here is a British blues artist who delivers one of surely the best acoustic based albums you'll hear this year. The recording quality is excellent, and as said, he's in great voice throughout and remains on very fine form as a musician but on top of that is a song-writer of the highest order. Very highly recommended." Thanks Peter Clack (Reviewer) Some of the songs Keith performs live are unplugged versions of band material and other songs that until now had no outlet. So, armed with an acoustic guitar and a bunch of songs, Keith took to the stage which culminated in a European tour at the end of 2016. The experience proved to be so enjoyable and audiences warmed to the personality that comes across in a more intimate and simple form, it was decided to do more. Keith loves the music played in the band but outside of the band context Keith tended to gravitate to acoustic music and the work of many singer songwriters. The blues and rock influence is still evident and the result on stage and on the album is a very raw and honest collection of songs. Keith uses a loop station to subtle effect on several numbers, recording guitar parts on the fly, to produce a big sound!

Over the years he has released a lot of incidental music for television programs and soundtrack projects and he has sold over 100,000 albums. Keith also writes songs and music for other artists and musical projects. Recent credits include, “Road to Recovery” the AA’s theme tune. His song "Preaching The Blues" was voted into third place in the "People's Voice" competition, being the only UK finalist in the International Song-writing Competition (Blues Category) out of over 16000 entries.

Instrumentation: Keith Thompson - Vocal, Acoustic Guitars. Blues Harp

Keith Thompson - Reverbnation