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Density Music offers a catalogue of blues/rock and solo acoustic material from Keith Thompson & "Keith Thompson Band ".


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Full blown blues/rock album by the band.

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Smoke and Mirrors

This album was written and recorded mostly during lockdown in the UK between 2020 - 2021. I produced the album and played all instruments apart from on "Softer Frame of Mind" which is a previously unreleased track recorded with Roy Adams on drums, Neil Simpson on bass and Nick Gibbs on violin. Instrumentation: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Real Drums, Programmed drums. There is also a little bit of string orchestration arranged by myself, in particular on the track, "Moment of Choice".

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Dangerous Times

The new single, "Dangerous Times" is available to download from Bandcamp.

 Easy Money

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Up Close and Live

Hard Rock Pamela in Torun, Poland is a great music venue attracting many touring bands from around the world. Lovers of blues and rock music in particular love this place. It has a wonderful, up close and personal atmosphere. You really feel as if you are in on something special. So when Keith Thompson Band decided to launch their latest studio album, Transcendence, they chose Pamela! It was also decided to record the event for a possible live album. The Uk guitarist, along with Jacek Chruscinski on bass and Artur Malik on drums, did their thing to an amazingly responsive audience. The results are captured here forever in this collection of songs taken from the show. In contrast to the studio album, old KT favourites were included and one or two covers that the band had been jamming with on this particular tour. The obvious on stage chemistry is infectious as it is poured out and the connection between the band and the audience is palpable.


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Aint No Slave

We all know 2020 was a year of staying at home. A great time for reflection! I have always loved songs that had depth and meaning. Yes, of course I love rock n' roll but even in the early days of the Beatles I would be drawn to Let it Be more than say, Obla Di Obla Da! I loved the work of many singer/songwriters, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, John Martyn etc. Stylistically I love the blues, soul, rock feel. The band Free encapsulated much of that style for me. This album is a natural successor to my album, "Two Minutes to Midnight". A collection of songs that are pretty deep...even for me! It is fairly stripped down as I worked in isolation so apart from a blues harp by Mark Cole on Stalag 34 and violin by Nick Gibbs on Innocence,I played everything. I like being unfettered creatively...I am not a herd person...hence the title, "Ain't No Slave"

Cry Out For Justice

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Two Minutes To Midnight

This new acoustic blues/rock album
Follows on from my earlier release,
“Steel Strings And Bruised Reed”.
With the odd exception, I played all the instruments myself; guitars, piano, drums, percussion, bass, ukulele, blues harp… just whatever I felt it needed at the time.
The result is a personal and intimate selection of songs produced workmanlike in my own studio. Me and my muse just getting along! Hope you enjoy!

 Watch N Chain

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Keith Thompson's Blues Eruption...Little Red Rooster.

An album of 10 classic Blues covers and 4 orginals. In the style of the early British blues boom with Keith's up to date touch.

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Easy Money

The new single, "Easy Money" is available to download from all online platforms.

 Easy Money

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Timeless Vol 1.

This is a compilation of some of the best tracks from previously released Keith Thompson albums. Volume 1.
Tracks taken from albums: Strange Brew, Independence, Catch the Fire, Out of the Smoke, Snapshot of Reality, Two Minutes to Midnight and Steel Strings and Bruised Reed.


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Catch the Fire

Wanna rock out!? The new studio album from Keith & the band should do the trick. Studio recordings of some "live" favorites and a bunch of new songs. It's back to the roots of Classic British Blues/Rock for this one. Guitars rule but not at the expense of the song! Cracking guest appearences by Buddy Whittington (USA) and Laurence Jones (UK)

 Taster MP3

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Snapshot Of Reality

This is his third album for Brambus Records and it is hot! “Snapshot of Reality” is the “live and dangerous” latest release from Keith Thompson Band on Brambus Records. Following the success of the first album and subsequent releases it was time for the “Live” album! “Snapshot of Reality” has captured the band in action as their touring has taken them from strength to strength. Reviewers described the shows as unforgettable, flawless, exciting and impressive. There is just one thing left to do and that is to put this album on and turn it up!

 Getting Ready For The Burn MP3

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Steel Strings & Bruised Reed - New Release. 2009

This is the long awaited acoustic album from Keith Thompson. A raw and passionate collection of songs showcasing the singer/songwriter in Keith. As the title suggests strength and weakness, the songs tackle subjects as diverse as lost love, the Mississipi floods, moral choices and political correctness. Also featuring some great slide guitar from Keith and some mean saxophone from Patsy Gamble.


Why Can't You Be Good MP3



With BPL in the production seat and a hot live band featuring members of the legendary Climax Blues Band, Keith Thompson is preaching the blues with a commercially aware and compelling combination of expertly crafted songs, incisive lyrics, total commitment vocals punctuated with desperate, troubled guitar - all presented on a bed of super solid grooves.

Wotcha Doin' To Me MP3

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Out Of The Smoke

The great solid guitar work is dominant, the rhythm section is working perfectly and some guests add the special spices to a production, which will place Keith Thompson finally and without doubt on the top level of the british blues-rock-guitar-players. With a lot of power, energy and creativity, added with matching songlyrics and from time to time a hard ground beat, which always leaves enough space for the virtuosity of the master. This music is timeless ~ and Keith Thompson also plays it "live" as good and full of energy!


Under Your Shadow MP3

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Strange Brew

The first Brambus release. Rocky stuff, loads of critical acclaim. Strange Brew is an album of classic British Blues/Rock. 14 tracks played in the style of blues heros such as Gary Moore, Eric Clapton and Rory Gallagher.


You Don't Know Me MP3

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This is a solo album from the KTB frontman. Still blues/rock but with a lighter feel. A little back catalogue album that shows his creatiivity and diversity as a songwriter whilst remaining faithful to the blues.

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Face Up

An album of guitar instrumentals. It just had to be done. This could be classed as "mood" music as an aside to the Roots, Rock and Roadhouse that Keith tends to stick to today. Originally brought out on an indie lable but confined to back catalogue collectors piece. Now made available as a dowload only.



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Against The Odds

An album of gospel rock. This may be a surprise to some but this album was brought out in 1987 when Keith was playing predominantly hard rock with an extremely thought provoking gospel edge. Some very strong songs on this along with some youthful, energetic guitar playing. Interesting to see where Keith has come from. Download only.


Seven Cities MP3

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PAST DISCOGRAPHY + CREDITS: Starting in the 90's Keith has been a frequent employee as a session musician. Here are some of the albums that were released that Keith either played on or had his own tracks included.

VOICE FROM HEAVEN - Density - 1994
Keith Thompson
YOUNG HEARTS - FFG/Kingsway - 1991
Keith Thompson
Keith Thompson
THE SHIP - FFG - 1989
Keith Thompson
Third Day
CONSUMING FIRE - Density - 1987
Third Day
Keith Thompson
John & Gill Broomhall - 1991
TEARS OF LOVE (guitar) Linda Pearce - 1991
FATHER OF COMPASSION (guitar) Phil Lawson-Johnson - 1993
ROUTE 66 (tracks) Various Artists - 1995
SAX PLAYS THE ROLLING STONES (guitar) Keith with band - 1996
INSTRUMENTAL MEMORIES - THE ROLLING STONES (guitar) Keith with band - 1998
ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER PLACE (guitar) Lyadrive -1997
ROMANTIC GUITARS (guitar) Various Artists - 1997
MIDNIGHT SAX (guitar) Various artists - 1996
GENTLE TIDES (various instruments) 1997
WILD WATERS (various instruments) 1997
PACIFIC DAWN (various instruments) 1997
SUMMER RAIN (various instruments) 1997
REJOICE (tracks) Various Artists - 1997
MEDICS - THEMES (various instruments) The Modern Sounds Orchestra - 1998
THE BEST OF BRITISH HEAVY METAL (guitar) Lyadrive - 1999
FAVORITE SPORTS THEMES (various instruments) 1999
ELECTRIC BLUES (tracks) Strange Brew & Lyadrive - 1999
THE BIG PICTURE (single) (guitar) Steven Sproate - 1999
CLASSIC BRITISH HEAVY METAL (guitar) Lyadrive - 1998
LEGENDS OF PROGRESSIVE ROCK (guitar) Lyadrive - 1998
BLUE SAX (guitar) 1996
HARVEST FOR THE WORLD (tracks) Various artists - 2003
OCEAN DAWN (various instruments) 2000
DUSK ON THE RIVER (various instruments) 2000
THE RIVER TO THE SEA (various instruments) 2000
HIGHER PLAIN DRIFTING (tracks) Various Artists - 2000
AFTER THE STORM (various instruments) 2000
FLIGHT OF THE EAGLE (various instruments) 2000
SACRED CIRCLE (various instruments) 2000
NATIVE AMERICA (tracks) Various Artists - 2001
THE QUARTERS OF THE WORLD (tracks) Various artists - 2004
TROUBADOUR (Bob Dylan Tribute) (guitar) Moses Wiggins - 2004
FOREVER YOUNG (Bob Dylan Tribute) (guitar) Moses Wiggins - 2001
CLASSIC ROCK (Strange Brew tracks) Various Artists - 2000
MISSION HILL (guitar) Sam Pickering-Pick - 2002
THE RIVER (various instruments) 2002
WIND BENEATH MY WINGS (various instruments) 2002
FIELDS OF GOLD (various instruments) 2002
SUMMER BREEZE (various instruments) 2002
IMPRESSIONS OF NATIVE AMERICA (various instruments) 2003
TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH (various instruments) 2002
THE SECRET GARDEN (various instruments) 2000
RHYTHM OF THE SEA (various instruments) 2001
RIVER DAWN (various instruments) 1991
ALBATROSS (guitar) 2002
SONG OF THE MEADOW (various instruments) 2000
NORTH AMERICA (tracks) Various Artists - 1999
Production & Engineering Credits
COUNTRY CHRISTMAS - Various Artists Castle - 1997
MEMPHIS ROOTS - Memphis Roots Pulse - 1995
VOICE OF PROMISE (various Artists) BBC - 2000
Other credits, too many to mention, include guitar on top selling computer games "Grand Prix Two" - 1995 ,"Grand Prix Manager" - 1996 and "Over The Hedge" - 2006. Also tracks on "Road Dreams" - TV series - 1996


The British blues boom of the 60's produced great guitarists like Eric Clapton, John Mayall, Jimmy Page and Peter Green. It was in 1966 that the young Eric Clapton joined forces with Jack Bruce on bass and Ginger Baker on drums and formed "Cream". They helped to revolutionize the world of music!. They lit the touch paper and as the flame grew brighter many more greats came along, Rory Gallagher, Ritchie Blackmore, Gary Moore and Paul kossoff to name a few. They produced music that had such a feeling of expression that it was impossible to ignore!

You don’t have to take history lessons to get the feeling again! It’s all on the CD's Keith Thompson & his band have recorded – From “Strange Brew” to "Snapshot Of Reality". An amazing collection of self-penned classic blues/rock tunes in the same progressive style of these greats!

The Keith Thompson band take you on a journey through time. You will find yourself recalling that feeling that the power of "Cream" generated, and it will take you all the way to the present day. After listening to Keith Thompson and the band you will be left with the impression that the music is still alive!